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Crossing inspection wear and batter gauge (3mm)1 metre Straight edge graduated for crossing inspections & repairs

Crossing Inspection / Repair Gauges

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Used for assessing wear and batter at the wheel transfer area on crossing sections as per Network Rail standard NR/L2/TRK/1054.

The graduations on the straight edge enable the point ‘C’ position to be defined over a range of crossing sizes.

The 3mm batter gauge is used with the graduated straight edge to check if wear or batter exceeds 3mm at positions as stipulated in the Network Rail standard.

Head and foot gauges centralised to gap in railChalk lines are applied to the head and foot on either side of the gap

Mould Alignment Gauge Set

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Designed to assist welding engineers to centralise and vertically set Thermit moulds and therefore reduces weld failures attributed to incorrectly positioned moulds.

Rail depth gaugeRail Depth Gauge

Rail Head Depth Gauge

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The development of the gauge follows the introduction of the Thermit® head repair (HRW) process.

Rail Wear Gauge and WalletRail Wear Gauge Calibration Block

Rail Wear Gauge

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Used  to verify the amount of wear on the head of the rail. Also used by welders to establish the correct mould selection.

Rolling Contact Fatigue Grinding Gauge SetGauge No. 1 - Critical depth gauge

Rolling Contact Fatigue Grinding Gauge Set

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Primarily used by grinding teams to measure the amount of material removed from the rail head profile when eliminating cracks due to rolling contact fatigue.

Stepped flashing gaugeChecking of excess flashing on weld collar

Stepped Flashing Gauge

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Used to check for excess flashing around the weld collar.

Checking the angle of the switchbladeSwitchblade Angle Gauge Protractor and Depth Gauge

Switchblade Angle Gauge with Taper Gauge

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Used primarily by welding engineers during the refurbishment of switchblades.
Graduated taper gauge

Taper Gauge – Graduated 0.3 – 4mm

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Used by Weld Inspectors and Weld Supervisors

Taper gauge 0.5-20mmTaper Gauge - Graduated 0.5 - 20mm - close up view

Taper Gauge – Graduated 0.5 – 20mm

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Primarily used by welders to check clearances between the underside of the switchblade foot and chair slide pad. This clearance is often referred to as hogging. The gauge can also be used to generally check gaps / clearances for other components.

Taper Gauge Peaked and DippedTaper Gauge Peaked and Dipped

Taper Gauge – Peaked and Dipped

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Used to easily assess whether the head of the rail is flat, dipped or peaked.

Welders GO Gauge with walletWelders GO Gauge

Taper Gauge – Welders’ ‘GO’

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Used with welders’ straight edge to quickly validate the flatness of the head of the rail is within tolerance relative to the line speed.

Weld Alignment Gauge General ViewWeld Alignment Gauge Plan View

Weld Alignment Inspection Gauge

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Developed to enable Weld Inspectors to check the alignment of welds both vertically and horizontally (squareness across the foot).

Weld combination gauge. Supplied with a protective leather walletWeld combiantion gauge. Front face of gauge

Weld Combination Gauge

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To check foot and web alignment, flatness across the head, rail gall and bolt hole clearances.

Non Conductive Inspection Gauge Set

Weld Inspection Gauge Set – Non Conductive

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This four part non conductive gauge set is used by Weld Inspectors for assessing welds located in 3rd and 4th rail areas.