Specialist Tools and Equipment

Specialist Tools and Equipment

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Stihl 2 stroke oil - 5 litres

2 Stroke Oil

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Stihl 2-Stroke Engine Mineral Oil specially developed for Stihl Engines. Fuel /oil ratio 1:50

Aluminium tool tray

Aluminium Tool Tray

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Used by overhead line engineers to contain tools and equipment when working at height in SRS type platforms.

Band-It C001Band-It Bantam

Band-It Tools

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The use of stainless steel banding has been used on the railway infrastructure for many years for a variety of applications including:

  • Securing I.D. plates to stanchions
  • Securing datum plates used for track geometry surveys
  • Securing I.D. plates for signals
  • Banding together sleepers or lengths of rail sections to deter vandalism or pilferage

Two models of tensioning tools can be supplied.  The larger Band-It C001 tool PADS reference 0039/001600 is generally used for the banding of sleepers or lengths of rail section to help prevent vandalism or pilferage.  The smaller Band-It Bantam tool Part Number URLT/024153 is used for the securing of ID stanchion plates and datum plates.

Chain oil - Stihl Bioplus 5 litre containers

Chain Oil

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Stihl chain lubricating oil.  Fully biodegradable.
Stihl chainsaw filesChainsaw filing kit for 3/8" chain

Chainsaw Files

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For filing / sharpening of chainsaw chains.

Fencing clip gun RP22/CL22Fencing pliers

Fencing Tools

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Fencing Pliers, Hog Ring Pliers, Fencing Clip Gun, Post Driver
SIN101 Stock rail switch rail clearanceSIN101 Clamp lock bolts

Fixed Stretcher Bar Tool Kit

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The tool kit has been developed with Network Rail to enable maintenance on points sets fitted with fixed stretcher bars. These layouts are often populated with a mix of both 11/16” BSW and metric fasteners of an equivalent size. The kit accommodates for the resultant variation of across flat sizes of nut / bolt heads, variation of bolt head / nut profiles (square or hexagon) and enables access onto fasteners where space may be limited i.e. between the stock rail and switch rail.

Please note that this kit is not insulated.

pg30 NRcert pic
 Certificate of Acceptance
Number PA05/03609
Hand held GPS - stopwatch functionHand held GPS - compass function

Hand Held GPS

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Information regarding site details often includes the requirement to identify GPS co-ordinates. For the majority of uses, including way-marking and logging GPS co-ordinates, this basic hand held version from Garmin will suffice for general railway applications.
Hi-visibility bag with adjustable waist band and tool holster

Hi Visibility Ecoplug Bag

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Developed to enable personnel to carry / easily access Ecoplugs used to destroy tree stumps as part of the vegetation control process.  The bag is supplied with an adjustable waist belt and holster for the hammer which is used to tap the Ecoplugs into the pre-drilled holes in the tree stump.

HPSS Tool Kit

HPSS Point Sets Maintenance Tool Kit

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A comprehensive tool kit for installation and maintenance of HPSS type point sets.  The contents of the kit is as originally stipulated by IAD Rail Systems, but with an additional four items added at the suggestion of Carillion Rail for gear box, motor and brake bolts.

Insulated adjustable torque wrenchGraduated scale, with positions hi-lighted for the tightening of fishbolts

Insulated Adjustable Torque Wrench Kit for Fishbolts

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Developed with Network Rail to enable the torque tightening of fishbolts, including those in check rail positions where access is limited in third rail areas.

Insulated rail measuring wheel – dual reading. For use in areas with conductor railsInsulated rail measuring wheel – dual reading

Insulated Rail Measuring Wheel – Dual Reading

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Developed in collaboration with Network Rail, VGC Rail Projects, Avancer (UK) and Jafco Tools Limited, the insulated rail measuring wheel is purposely designed to provide protection to the operator when working near to live conductor rails when measuring lengths of rail sections / overall distances.  The unit is dual scaled, enabling measurements to be made both in metres and yards.

Insulated main adjustable stretcher bar tool kit

Insulated Tool Kit for Tightening Hardlock Nuts on Main Adjustable Stretcher Bars

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Developed with Network Rail to enable the maintenance of Hardlock nuts securing adjustable stretcher bars on Corus manufactured RT60 switches where accessibility is limited. This tool kit can also be used on any other RT60 layouts.
pg30 NRcert pic
Certificate of Acceptance
Number PA05/02661
Insulated torque wrench kitInsulated handle being used as an insulated open wrench

Insulated Torque Wrench Kit

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Developed to enable S&T engineers to apply torque loads to fasteners in live line areas. The design facilitates the use of a variety of both small series 16mm female and large series 22mm female fittings to be used, including open and ring end fittings, ratchet heads and special end fittings commonly used by engineers during installation or maintenance tasks.

Labelling kitFleximark letters and numbers

Labelling Kit

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Heavy duty black plastic lockable tool box of robust design.
Bushnell Tour Z6 with walletBushnell Tour Z6

Laser Range Finder

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Laser range finders are not new, but those available vary greatly on range, ease of use, price and durability. The Bushnell range finders have proved ideal for use on the infrastructure and are now being used extensively by Network Rail engineers.

The Bushnell Tour Z6 supersedes the PRO1600, as this unit now includes an illuminated display, ideal for low light level conditions.
Stihl round mowing line 3mm x 280 metresStihl round mowing line 2.7mm x 215 metres

Mowing Line for Strimmers

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Stihl and Oregon round mowing line.  Suitable for brush cutters, trimmers and strimmers.
Bushnell digital night vision monocular

Night Vision – Digital

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A hand held monocular 5 x 42 digital night viewing system.

OHLE Tool Kit

OHLE Tool Kit

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In conjunction with Network Rail, the contents of the OHLE Tool Kit have been revised to enable engineers access to tools and equipment required for the installation / maintenance of the latest overhead line structures / components.

Point care tool kit

Point Care Tool Kit

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Developed originally with British Rail, this maintenance tool kit is still supplied and used extensively on the rail network.