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Welding Equipment

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Grinding WheelCubitron II cutting and grinding disc T27

3M Cubitron II Grinding / Cutting and Fibre Discs

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3M’s Cubitron II range of high performance fibre, abrasive metal grinding and cutting discs enable engineers to grind, cut or profile on site quickly, efficiently and safely.  Used for increasingly varied applications including crossing section refurbishment, switch blade grinding, cutting thermic weld risers and removal of burrs.


Linishing Belts

Abrasive Linishing Belts

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A heavy duty, semi flexible, aluminium oxide cloth belt, used on small portable hand held linishing machines for remedial grinding / removal of excess flashing from around the weld collar and under the foot of the rail on both thermic alumino and flash butt type welds.

Seven sizes of boxes are available. URLT/009907 - URLT/001697 & URLT/001450 shownAluminium Storage Box

Aluminium Storage Boxes

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The illustrations show boxes supplied with aluminium checker plate to the lid which provides additional strength for demanding railway applications. Boxes can be partitioned to order to suit customers’ requirements.

These containers are made from aluminium, giving great strength and light weight. Ideal where weight is an important factor.

These boxes are available in seven different sizes see Part Numbers for details.

Checking equipment for Thermit kit. Comprises: base board, adjustable stand, spirit level and combination gaugeCombination gauge used to check each part of the pre-heaters

Checking Equipment for Thermit Pre-heaters

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Developed to enable the periodic checking of Thermit acetylene and propane pre-heaters.

Cooper wedge plates - used in pairsCooper Wedge Plates with Wedges in Position

Cooper Wedge Plates

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Designed by Ray Cooper formerly with Carillion Rail, these wedge plates are designed to eliminate the risk of damage to wooden sleepers, caused when using steel wedges to align the rail prior to welding. The chair is removed from the rail and replaced by the wedge plate.

Crossing inspection wear and batter gauge (3mm)1 metre Straight edge graduated for crossing inspections & repairs

Crossing Inspection / Repair Gauges

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Used for assessing wear and batter at the wheel transfer area on crossing sections as per Network Rail standard NR/L2/TRK/1054.

The graduations on the straight edge enable the point ‘C’ position to be defined over a range of crossing sizes.

The 3mm batter gauge is used with the graduated straight edge to check if wear or batter exceeds 3mm at positions as stipulated in the Network Rail standard.

Documentation - Rail Cutting Disc BagDocumentation Bag

Documentation/Rail Cutting Disc Protective Bag

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For documentation, task files and maintenance manuals.  Also suitable for the storage of 14” rail cutting discs

Extended squareExtended square - Used vertically to set the preheater at the correct distance from the end of the rail

Extended Square for Setting Railtech Preheaters

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Used for setting Railtech preheaters / moulds.
Gas cylinder combination spanner

Gas Cylinder Combination Spanner

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Heavy duty gas cylinder combination spanner, for 5/8” cylinder nuts, 3/8″ BSP hose connections and 1/4″ valve spindles.

Gas Cylinder Support FrameGas Cylinder Support Frame 2 x 57Kg Propane & 2 x Standard Oxygen Cylinders

Gas Cylinder Support Frame for use on Harsco (Permaquip) Type B Trolleys

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Please note:

This product is designed, and Network Rail product acceptance has been granted, for use solely on Harsco/Permaquip Type ‘B’ trolleys.

Under no circumstance should this arrangement be mounted on any other trolley type, or any other manufacturers’ similarly designed trolley.

Full details can be obtained by contacting our sales office.


pg30 NRcert pic
Certificate of Acceptance
Number PA05/02680

Permaquip is a trademark of Harsco Track Technologies Ltd


Heatshield gel

Heatshield Gel

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A spray on gel used for example to stop /reduce heat migration during arc welding defect repairs of austenitic manganese steel and stainless steel grade sections, or to rapidly cool hot surfaces.
Hot mat positioned to prevent contamination of ballastHot Mat & Weld Processing Waste

Hot Mats

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Developed in collaboration with Carillion Rail Testing.
Hot PanHot Pan Nested

Hot Pans

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These pans are used to remove weld debris from site.
Head and foot gauges centralised to gap in railChalk lines are applied to the head and foot on either side of the gap

Mould Alignment Gauge Set

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Designed to assist welding engineers to centralise and vertically set Thermit moulds and therefore reduces weld failures attributed to incorrectly positioned moulds.

Klingspor Rail Cutting Discs A24 SX Special

Rail Cutting Discs

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Primarily used by welders and P/Way engineers when cutting rail sections with 350mm (14″) rail saws.

Rail depth gaugeRail Depth Gauge

Rail Head Depth Gauge

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The development of the gauge follows the introduction of the Thermit® head repair (HRW) process.

Rail Wear Gauge and WalletRail Wear Gauge Calibration Block

Rail Wear Gauge

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Used  to verify the amount of wear on the head of the rail. Also used by welders to establish the correct mould selection.

Ratchet lever clampsRatchet lever clamps. Ratchet lever design prevents clamp from becoming loose during grinding operations

Ratchet Lever Clamps for Matweld Grinding Frame

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Ratchet lever clamps for securing the Matweld grinding frame in position.
Rolling Contact Fatigue Grinding Gauge SetGauge No. 1 - Critical depth gauge

Rolling Contact Fatigue Grinding Gauge Set

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Primarily used by grinding teams to measure the amount of material removed from the rail head profile when eliminating cracks due to rolling contact fatigue.

Steel wedge

Steel Wedges

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Two sizes of steel wedges are available. Used to align the rail prior to welding.

Stepped flashing gaugeChecking of excess flashing on weld collar

Stepped Flashing Gauge

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Used to check for excess flashing around the weld collar.

Digital and analogue stopwatches


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Digital and analogue stopwatches.