Insulated Rail Measuring Wheel

Network Rail Reference 0094/007203
Rail Measuring Wheel

Engineers regularly use rail measuring wheels in site surveys to determine distances of track sections, or when verifying the amount of rail section required for renewals works and projects.

  • In certain areas, live conductor rails may be present, which potentially presents a risk to the operator, should a rail measuring wheel inadvertently come into contact with a live conductor rail, whether when being carried to site or while completing survey type works.
  • The use of measuring wheels in areas where live conductor rails may be present was first raised by VGC Rail Projects. Consequently, we were then tasked with developing an insulated rail measuring wheel.
  • Due to the urgency attached to the project, the development was actively monitored by Network Rail with considerable input from VGC. During this time, the use of standard measuring wheels in areas with live conductor rails was prohibited.
  • Working collaboratively with two leading manufacturers, Avancer (UK) and Jafco Tools, a purposely designed insulated dual reading rail measuring wheel was developed. Importantly the measuring wheel was designed to comply with the requirements of BS8020:2011, for tools while working on or near to conductor rail systems operating up to 1000 volts a.c. or 1500 volts d.c.
  • This was a particularly challenging project due to requirements to comply to BS8020:2011 and the time scales involved. Fortunately, due to the dedication and expertise of all those involved a suitable and reliable solution was produced.

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