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URLT/008216 Fencing clip gun RP22/CL22URLT/008216 Fencing clip gun RP22/CL22

Product Information

Fencing Pliers, Hog Ring Pliers, Fencing Clip Gun, Post Driver

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Thumbnail Network Rail Reference Description Features  
0050/212145 Fencing pliers Network Rail Reference: 0050/212145 Description: Fencing plier
Features: For fencing and wire work, these versatile pliers will perform the following functions, nail extraction, nail driving, staple extraction, wire cutting, wire pulling and wire squeezing. Plastic coated handles for user comfort.
URLT/010690 Rapid hog ring plier Network Rail Reference: URLT/010690 Description: Hog ring plier Features: Used for attaching net type fencing to tensioned fencing wire. Suitable for use on 5-11mm netting wire. For use with Rapid VR22 galvanised heavy duty hog rings.
URLT/008216 Fencing clip gun RP22/CL22 Network Rail Reference: URLT/008216 Description: Fencing clip gun Features: Spring loaded, automatic feed, all steel manual netting pliers. Forms a 6-8mm triangular ring. One hand speedy operation. Designed and built for rugged use, made from stainless steel components.
0111/110271 Boundary wire fencing strainer Network Rail Reference: 0111/110271 Description: Drivall boundary wire fencing strainer
0111/111332 Fencing tool for tensioning up to 4mm diameter wire, including barbed wire Network Rail Reference: 0111/111332 Description: Fencing tool for wire tensioning Features: For tensioning wire (including barbed wire) up to 4mm diameter prior to stapling onto wooden fencing posts. Manufactured from carbon steel hardened and tempered with 600mm long handle for excellent leverage and a pivoting 'Durbar' steel locating foot to grip any post type whilst straining wire.
0111/110272 Wire bending tool Network Rail Reference: 0111/110272 Description: Wire bending tool
URLT/002751 Fencing maul Network Rail Reference: URLT/002751 Description: Fencing maul 12lb/5.4kgs
Handle length: 820mm (32")
Features: These mauls are designed for driving wooden fencing posts in to the ground. The large flat striking faces help apply an even blow across the head of the post, facilitating accurate and easy driving with minimal damage to the surface being struck. For added safety each maul head is securely fitted with a 70% solid core fibreglass shaft, which has a smooth polypropylene coating and a soft-grip, non-slip handle for added user comfort. These handles are lightweight and are unaffected by moisture and virtually unbreakable in normal use. Safety note: Fencing mauls should not be used for driving metal fencing posts.
0050/016790 Fencing maul rubber head only Network Rail Reference: 0050/016790 Description: Fencing maul rubber head only
0111/108355 Hickory shaft for fencing maul head Network Rail Reference: 0111/108355 Description: Hickory shaft for fencing
maul head 41" long
URLT/010384 Gripple tensioning tool Network Rail Reference: URLT/010384 Description: Gripple tensioning tool Features: For use with Gripples to join medium and high tensile steel wire. Allows to tension wire up to 400kg. Torque gauge to control the load that is applied to the wire. Hand held, light weight and compact to use.
URLT/010992 Large Gripple Plus wire joiner for 3.2 to 4.2mm diameter wires Network Rail Reference: URLT/010992 Description: Large Gripple Plus wire joiner
for 3.2 to 4.2mm diameter wires
Features: Join and tension in one. Suitable for a variety of fence wires, trellis and support wires.
URLT/015220 Post driver Network Rail Reference: URLT/015220 Description: Post driver - tubular type
Maximum post capacity: 150mm/6" diameter
Features: Used for driving wooden posts (only) into the ground. Can be used for square or round posts.
0050-016774 Network Rail Reference: 0050/016774 Description: Punner
5.1/4" (130mm) square head
48"/1200mm ash handle
0039/095015 Fencing dropper clip fixing tool for Corstag type fencing Network Rail Reference: 0039/095015 Description: Fencing dropper clip fixing tool Features: A tool for installing dropper clips used to support high tension wires in Corstag type fencing.

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