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Rail Head Depth Gauge

0046/035046 Rail head depth gauge0046/035046 Rail head depth gauge

Product Information

The development of the gauge follows the introduction of the Thermit® head repair (HRW) process.

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Thumbnail Network Rail Reference Description  
0046/035046 Rail head depth gauge Network Rail Reference: 0046/035046 Description: Rail head depth gauge
0046/035047 Rail head depth gauge calibration block Network Rail Reference: 0046/035047 Description: Rail head depth gauge calibration block with certificate, traceable to national standards.
Validity is for 5 years.

General Description:

The use of the gauge enables the depth of material remaining in the head section to be established.  The measurement is then compared to the depth of the defect previously measured ultrasonically.  This enables the engineer to establish if there is sufficient material remaining in the head of the rail to allow for the use of the HRW process.

The standard requires that a minimum of 10mm of material  remains in the head of the rail after the defect is initially excavated by means of flame cutting, with a further allowance to grind down to 8mm. The gauge has therefore been designed with the zero datum on the engraved scale offset by 8mm to incorporate the minimum depth requirement. This negates the need for engineers to allow for this when assessing the suitability of the use of the HRW process.

Using the Gauge:

The gauge is simply held against the rail.  Four contact points (web, underside of head, side of the head profile and underside of contact arm) ensure that the gauge is aligned correctly.  The contact arm is lowered down so that it rests on the top face of the head of the rail and the arm is locked in position by means of a locking screw.  The gauge is removed from the rail and the reading is then noted.

Range                 0 – 35mm

Graduations       1mm

Sub Divisions     every 5mm

Weight                 0.55kg

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