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Taper Gauge – Welders’ ‘GO’

Supplied with a protective walletSupplied with a protective wallet

Product Information

Used with welders’ straight edge to quickly validate the flatness of the head of the rail is within tolerance relative to the line speed.

The taper gauge is used to quickly verify that the flatness of the head of the rail is within tolerance, which is indicated by the reading on the gauge being within the area marked GO.

Higher line speeds demand a greater tolerance so therefore the band width of the marked GO is smaller on side two (101 – 140 MPH).

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Thumbnail Part Number Network Rail Reference Description  
URLT/001513 Welders' GO gauge Part Number: LT/RG/24 Network Rail Reference: URLT/001513 Description: Welders' 'GO' taper gauge

Welders’ ‘GO’ taper gauges are made from stress relieved, annealed mild steel and zinc coated for corrosion protection. The gauges are double sided and supplied in protective leather wallets.

Side 1 : Engraved lines at 1.0mm and 2.0mm (identified as 75 -100 MPH)

Side 2 : Engraved lines at 1.0mm and 1.5mm (identified as 101-140 MPH)

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